Filipino Health

The Filipino Americans in United States

Asian Americans account for 5% of the United States population. Approximately 20% of them identify themselves as Filipino American. Illinois has the sixth largest Asian American population in the United States, following California, New York, Texas, New Jersey and Hawaii. In this state, Filipino Americans constitute the second largest subgroup of Asian Americans following Asian Indians.

The Filipino American Health at a Glance

Health resources and services dedicated to Asian Americans, specifically Filipino Americans, are less developed in the Midwest, as opposed to the East and West coast, underscoring the need for targeted interventions to address health disparities related to physical activity and diet.

Previous studies, particularly in California, report a higher prevalence of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer among Filipino Americans compared with Caucasians and other Asian ethnic groups.

According to a recent national health survey analysis, heart diseases remain the leading cause of mortality among Filipino Americans. Risk factors for heart disease include Obesity, High Blood Pressure (hypertension) and Diabetes.

About 47% of Filipino Americans are overweight or obese nationwide. Filipino Americans also have the highest prevalence of elevated blood pressures (hypertension) among all other major Asian subgroups. The survey also noted that more Filipino Americans have hypertension than Caucasians and Hispanics in United States.

Diabetes is also a significant health concern. Filipino Americans are second to Asian Indians in the prevalence of diabetes. Also compared to Caucasians, diabetes in Filipino Americans is more common.

Cancer is considered the second leading cause of death among Filipino Americans. In a study of Asian Americans in California, Filipino Americans have high levels of incidence (new diagnosis of cancer) and death (mortality) compared to other Asian subgroups. Up to now, the reason for this health disparity among different Asian subgroups is not clear.

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